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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Season 7 Info: TAPS Heads to Hawaii, New Van & Equipment

Christiane Elin, of the Fact or Faked fan Twitter, was in attendance at today's Beyond Reality Event at the Saban Theater in Beverley Hills, California. TAPS investgator Amy Bruni was there, as well as a large majority of the FoF team. She was able to get a few bits of information about Ghost Hunters Season 7. In a tweet sent my way, she mentioned that the team will be headed to Hawaii next season with a new van and new equipment.
@FactOrFaked @GHFans The Ghost Hunters have a new van and new equipment, they're going to Hawaii next season.
This post will be updated, if there is any more new information/photos from the event. If you were also at the Saban Theater, feel free to send any media into

More Info: Britt & Kris were unable to go to the event because they were working on her "big secret". This was told to the crowd by Scotty Roberts, Editor of TAPS ParaMagazine.

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