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Monday, October 4, 2010

Kris Promises "Big Things Are Coming Soon"

Kris Williams has given us yet another tantalizing clue regarding her big secret. In her interview with FlutterZine, Kris said this is response to a question about seeing anything new from her in the future "Yes! Big things are coming soon! Unfortunately, I can't get into detail just yet but keep an eye on my Twitter! I will say I am super excited and happy about everything-can't wait to share!" Kris' response definitely adds intrigue to the ongoing mystery surrounding her secret. Her secret has even inspired its own hash tag on Twitter #krisbigsecret! In addition to talking about her secret, Kris discussed her relationship with her fellow cast members (calling Amy a sister), the scariest place she's been, and her upcoming event at the Stanley Hotel in November. Kris has previously said on Twitter that she will be announcing her secret in "just a few more weeks" so make sure to follow her account closely during the passing month.


  1. I really wish she would stop all this goofy "secret" nonsense. She will be the one of the new investigators on GHI. End of story.

  2. We all know she's she the only one who this is a secret from.