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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Amy Bruni Gives Ghost Hunting & Debunking Advice

With Halloween (and Ghost Hunters Live) just a few days away, DIY Life has posted a simple guide to ghost hunting, with some helpful advice from Amy Bruni. The article goes over several types of unexplained activity, tools that paranormal investigators use to document them, and completely normal explanations for what is going in. For example, Amy points out that a toilet flushing by itself could simply be a problem with your plumbing, not a ghost determined to send you a message.
What Would a Ghost Hunter Do? Cold and hot spots are some of the most common household irregularities for which ghost hunters are summoned, and they also seem to be one of the real trademarks of paranormal activity. But just because you've got cold feet or an, er...unusually hot seat, don't expect Bruni and her team to declare your house The Amityville Horror; you can be too quick with those haunting conclusions. "We've found many hot and cold spots that couldn't be traced to specific causes. But while they're strange, they alone aren't what Ghost Hunters classify as paranormal," she says.

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