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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tweets of the Week #8

This week the TAPS team was (for a change) at home and celebrating the season premiere of some show about ghosts. ;) The GHI team was investigating in Trinidad and seemed to be up to some intense investigating...

From the TAPS team

Hiatus… @JchawesTaking a hiatus with the family for the kids February school vacation. When we asked the boys what they wanted to do for vacation they said "We want to go snowmobiling", Not Disney, Amusement parks, etc etc. Thats my boys!! (…) @AdamJBerry Just arrived in Hartford and getting settled in. Tonight: Fun, tomorrow: more fun!!! Excitement!!!

Home... @amybruni Woke up to warm kitties and a winter wonderland! #sogoodtobehome (…)@amybruni Sitting in bed, drinking coffee and signing a huge pile of TAPS Paramags :) (…)@amybruni In Petaluma, ah hometown. :) Catching The Frustrators at the @phoenixtheater (…)Frustrators @phoenixtheater  (...)@amybruni Ate dinner at Trattoria La Siciliana in Berkeley last night. *Amazing* Italian food and great hospitality

Paramags signing! @amybruni Signed TAPS Paramags heading out today!

Wine tasting… @amybruni Wine tasting in Amador and El Dorado Counties today...Napa Shmapa. (…)Wine tasting with @GrillatStrath. He's taking this *very* seriously. ;)

Anniversary… @grantswilson About to check out "I am number Four" with the wifey-o on our 14th Anniversary! She's a movie buff, so it's perfect, lol.

Strange… @AdamJBerry Funny, in most golf photos they look like they're holding their crotch when really they are holding their club..

Shopping… @AdamJBerry Look where I was!! @amybruni  (...)@amybruni jealous!!!! Miss you!

Season Premiere party… @amybruni @TAPSparaMagzine Me! We're making Risotto with pancetta, mushrooms and asparagus. There's also a lot of wine. ;) (…)@AdamJBerry who is excited??? LESS THAN TWO HOURS! (…) @MistaKJ #GhostHunters marathon all day! Whatta ya say!! All new GH tonight...awesome! That's what I say. (…)@amybruni There is serious food and wine going on in my house for the season 7 premiere of #ghosthunters!  (...)@AdamJBerry Had an amazing time watching the new episode of #ghosthunters! Even though I am on the show I am still a huge fan! Can't wait for next week! (…)@Jchawes Was just told GH did awesome in ratings last night. Seems it was the #3cable show for the entire day. You all make it possible, TY so much. (…)@amybruni Up bright and early! Planning a little dinner soiree with the fam tomorrow night for the season premiere of a certain show... ;)

Hairy…@Jchawes RT @FluffyMuffinPoo: "Every hair on my neck is standing up!" But J... you don't have any! :) sure I do, their just really

Slogan… @davetango

Necessities… @amybruni Apparently there's going to be a snowstorm here tonight. I should stock up on necessities, but my wine rack is full & I feel that's enough.

Lechepraun… Here's @AdamJBerry as McAdam O'Berry (yes-the rapping leprechaun) (by courtesy of @BenGriessmeyer)

Battle… @grantswilson @madsciontist an I comparing phones... He knows his stuff.

Super tired… @davetango While sleeping, I dreamt I was sleeping. Even my subconscious needed a nap.

From the GHI team

Free time… GHI_Susan DAY OFF! (…) Heading out to the Beach! sun and sand... hopefully a tan... ahhhh (…) We be limin' durin the day and giratin' at night!..... bombaclot! oh wait thats Jamaican... (…)@GHIPaul Day off today so I'm gonna be very very busy doing absolutely nothing, Very busy indeed..... (…)@barryghi Another beautiful day in paradise, tomorrow we are off and some beach time is called for :)

Troublemakers ;)… @GHIPaul Just been told by @barryghi that it wud appear both @ScottGHI & myself have our music somewhat loud & u can hear it throughout the hallways of the hotel.... Thank god mine is better and louder.... the poor guests, having to listen to Scotts cr*p!! (…)ScottGHI
Huh?! Wait a sec...I'm not playing anything. Weirdo. ; )@GHIPaul yeah i heard you was asked to turn it off, guests were complaining (…)@ScottGHI Okay, now I am...hope everyone likes Insane Clown Posse's "How Many Times"! >; ) (…) Uh, no. Not at all. Just turned my music on about 10 secs ago - and it's at a very low volume. Your area is prob thumping.(…) Since your room is right by mine, I'm prob guilty by association! @GHIPaul oh no my music is still on, and still

Menu… @ScottGHI I know we're in the Caribbean, but SERIOUSLY - can't a guy buy some food on the beach that ISN'T of the seafood variety?! Come on!

Playlist… @KrisWilliams81  Waking up with @TheDoors The future's uncertain, and the end is always near" - @TheDoors

Promising… @ScottGHI Gearing up for probably one of the most difficult cases I have done on GHI to date. Should be a great investigation... (…) Very little sleep. Very long day. Very creepy location. Ready to wrap this case up tonight. Should be a pretty awesome one... (…)@GHIPaul Paul Bradford
Night two & I've had less than 5hrs sleep. Its no longer a question of will we find sumin, but will I stay awake. Tune in same time tomorrow(…)@KrisWilliams81 Trinidad officially kicked my ass. Just may be my fav case ever though... (…)@GHIPaul I have to agree, this last investigation beat the crap out of me physically and mentally. But wasn't it a good one... (…)@GHI_Susan Busy Busy Busy... time for analysis review with the GHI team... hopefully we got some good stuff... 'twas an awesome case :)

GHI Miami… @ScottGHI On the way to our case yesterday, I made a VERY short video clip of what I call "GHI: Miami". Will post when I get the copy from @Joe_ghi!

Crossover… @KrisWilliams81 You guys ready for Destination Truth LIVE?  :)

Freeze! @GHIPaul Ok that's it where's my coffee gone..... Nobody moves til I get a cup of coffee!!

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