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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tweets of the Week #7

With the Season 7 premiere of Ghost Hunters coming this Wednesday, this edition of Tweets of the Week is appropriately the seventh one. This past week the TAPS team had some medieval fun and spent Valentine's Day investigating. The GHI began work on Season 3 just as season 2 was wrapping up on SyFy. The team's first haunt takes them to Trinidad.

From the TAPS team

Knights… @Jchawes  so Grant and me are loving our new armor. Though I can't reach this damn itch of mine. (…)  new and improved version of "Rock em Sock em men"! (…)@grantswilson :@Jchawes I'm in the one with the face.... I think... (…)@amybruni Caption this picture of @AdamJBerry and me:

Amy’s playlist… @amybruni Ummmm...Lady Gaga "Born This Way" = Madonna "Express Yourself" (…)listening to "JJ - Ecstasy" ♫

Art… @amybruni Holy shit - I love you! :) RT @ewestpinto: @amybruni check this out :)

Going out… @amybruni I love the Scurvy Dog in Providence. Pretty much the best bar ever. (…)Excited to go to the Providence Bruins game tonight. Love me some hockey :)

Valentine… @amybruni Valentine's day - love it or hate it?(…) Wow - lot of hate for v day! :) I don't mind Valentine's day. Any day that celebrates love, why not? I know, the commercialism part sucks...
(…)RT @DeathByLies: Who are you going to spend Valentine's day with? @amybruni Ghosts. We're investigating :) (…) And for those asking, no, I don't have a valentine and I still don't hate the holiday. ;)(…) RT @LostPlatypus: do you WANT a valentine? @amybruni I'm all set for now. :)

And more sweetness… @amybruni Happy Valentine's day to all you lovers...xoxo (…)listening to "Aretha Franklin - Baby, I Love You" ♫  listening to "Sam Cooke - Cupid" ♫  listening to "The Ramones - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" ♫  Ok, last one. Cat Power - Sea of Love - xoxo kittens! ♫

Learn with Tango… @davetango The condition of being unable to release a dart from your hand when throwing is known as dartitis. - No joke.

Quote… @davetango "and if you further reflect that sleep is a sort of death, broken only by dreams" - Aunt Epp

Serious… @amybruni "Tipsy texts" sounds so much cuter than the alternative. RT @briguy700 Is it a "Tipsy Text" kind of night? ;) @amybruni No, no, I wish! Working bright and early. :)

Weird… @amybruni Heading home for the first time in 7 weeks! Heard it's snowing at my house - and it's spring like here in the NE. What gives?? ;)

Wish… @Jchawes I think we need 2 do an episode of Ghost Hunters and invite @MichaelChiklis to investigate with us.

Toys… @amybruni WANT! RT @aaronsagers @amybruni for you from #toyfair

From the GHI team

California… @KrisWilliams81 Head back to work on Sunday! Somewhere warm... thank god! (…)This is seriously the last winter I will live here. Im over it.(…)I will be Cali bound this year. I will be happy when I never see ice or another snow flake again. (…) I grew up in NH. I love it spring, summer and fall but its not worth the winters.

Threat… @ScottGHI :@barryghi Just realized that you, @KrisWilliams81 and I all have the same connecting flight. See you guys in Miami! : ) (…) @barryghi Make sure it doesn't leave without me, threaten them with your singing, that should buy me enough time :) ha ha ha (…) @ScottGHI I'll pack my microphone in my carry-on... ; ) (…)@KrisWilliams81 you pack a microphone and I will hurt you with it. (…)@joe_ghi I think microphones are illegal in their country!...or at least it shod be. :)

Lounging… @KrisWilliams81 So much to do today and I don't want to do any of it... (…) @barryghi You gotta gotta :) @KrisWilliams81 but, but, but... I dont wanna, Bear... Wish I could just blink and have today and tomorrow be over with lol.

Plans… @joe_ghi :@barryghi , what are you planning? it safe? (..) @barryghi ha ha safety is always paramount in my outings :)(…)Bicycles and hiking are out, there so 2010, hand gliding, shark diving and Swedish massages are all the rage :)

Postcard… @KrisWilliams81 Good Morning Twitter! Check out my view ;)  (…) Hmmmm.... where in the world are we? Hot, humid, beach, palm trees...

Valentine… @ barryghi Happy Valentines to one and all (…) @ScottGHI Happy Valentine's Day! Here's my absolute favorite "romantic" song. Enjoy...
@ScottGHI Have a GREAT Valentine's Day, everyone! Spend it with the one you love - and keep that sentiment all year long, too! : ) (…)@GHI_Susan Going poolside... BUT PEOPLE! PROCLAIM YOUR LOVE TODAY SO I CAN LIVE VICARIOUSLY THRU YOU ALL! (…) Keep em comming folks! WHO IS YOUR VALENTINE! I WANT PROCLOMATIONS OF LOVE TO COVER MY TWITTER PAGE!

Mystery… @GHIPaul Anyone know what these are, the view from my plane this morning....

Hard night’s work… @KrisWilliams81 Oh my god... what a long night... @ScottGHI Settling down after a LONG night of investigating. Finished up as dawn was breaking & we are all exhausted. Gotta rest up for GHI tonight!

Shirts… @barryghi OMG the green shirt hurts my eyes :) (…)Working with @GHIPaul is like having Christmas everyday with those shirts :)

Nightmares ? @KrisWilliams81 Can't.... Sleep... damn you, ghosts....

Good driver… @GHIPaul I've never taken the drivers test, maybe I could get my license out a cracker jack box like you!!! (…) @ScottGHI

Breakfast… @barryghi 6.30am, the early bird catches the worm I suppose. I'll stick to a bowl of Lucky Charms

Onto the next! @GHI_Susan Thanks for the awesome feedback folks! We are now in the beginning stages of filming season 3... Its gonna be WICKED!

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