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Friday, February 11, 2011

Tweets of the Week #6

A review of the best tweets from the TAPS & GHI teams this past week can be found below. Be sure to check out past editions of Tweets of the Week and stay tuned for future ones!

From the TAPS team

On the road again… @amybruni Our one night visit to Philadelphia was fun, but it's time to continue north. Wish we could stay right here, never get tired of this city. (…)@AdamJBerry On the road again... One week until I see my @BenGriessmeyer and @LookDownHere the little baby chihuahua! (…) @amybruni This morning in Philly.  (...) On the longest drive of my is so bad, driving sloooooow. (…) Made it safe and sound! Our Producer, @Paul_Maty is an amazing driver! (…)@AdamJBerry Jesus took the wheel and his name is @Paul_Maty! He got @amybruni and I safely to the next location through a blizzard!!
Motivation… @amybruni Instant gym motivator: thermals under skinny jeans.

Monkeys… @AdamJBerry New day! Cold day! The monkeys have frozen to the sidewalk... Silly monkeys... That's what they get for going after the banana.

Fortune cookie… @amybruni My fortune: ;)  @KrisWilliams81 wow, that cookie doesn't know you at all... ;)

Definition… @amybruni Humbling: working out next to a bunch of bad ass army chicks.

At work… @AdamJBerry going to run some errands then buckle down with review. happy tuesday! (…)@amybruni All in a nights work...  @AdamJBerry The Doctors are in... @davetango  (...)@amybruni Straight chillin' with @AdamJBerry (...) A boy and his donut. @davetango

Bangor, Maine… @amybruni Having a fancy dinner with @AdamJBerry in Bangor, Maine. Looking for Stephen King - have not found him. (…)@Jchawes in northern Maine. What's beautiful state.I've aways loved it up here. (…)@amybruni Unexpectedly spent the night in the Bangor, ME airport greeting troops coming home and deploying. What a night! Truly thankful for them! Xo

Get ready! @Jchawes You asked and we answered, Just two more weeks and all new "Ghost Hunters" episodes start airing. Wait till you see some of this season places and evidence.

Loan… @amybruni I can't believe I walked out of the store with that thermal imaging camera. They said they were *lending* it to me! (…)@KrisWilliams81 im I gonna have to start calling you Lindsay Lohan? ;) @amybruni yes, apparently we're both pale red headed kleptomaniacs. ;)

Haunted headquarters… @Jchawes  shhhhh, be very very quite and hopefully you can see the elusive "Taps cat" that haunts the office.

Amy’s Q&A session! @amybruni Haven't done one of these for awhile - how about a little q&a Bring on the questions! (…)Yes, Dr. Peter Venkman. RT @Cryptic_Killjoy: @amybruni is there any ghost hunter that you'd love to work with from another show?x (…)With us if they want, or a hotel, friends/fam, etc RT @tjt72: @amybruni Where do the clients stay/go when you guys do the investigations? (…)I've never investigated it - but I'd love to find out! RT @MurphTwit: @amybruni Is the Cary House really haunted? (…)Rabid animals or crazy squatters. RT @BobbyBolloBoosh: @amybruni What would you be most scared of encountering on a hunt? (…)Yes. RT @Gilligan28: @amybruni do you sleep during the day when ypu investogate at night? (…)Lol, I wish. It's a labor of love really. :) RT @iRelentless: @amybruni Does working for GH pay well? (…)No. RT @pepsi31008: @amybruni. Have you ever had a ghost follow you home after an investigation? (…)Yes, a few times. RT @kombatJack: @amybruni Ever run across any "squatters" when investigating deserted sites? (…) Yes. 100%. RT @BobbyBolloBoosh: @amybruni @kombatJack do you believe in UFO's? (…)Hotel RT @peaceloveashlee: @amybruni When there are a lot of new england investiagtions, do you travel home like Or live in a hotel? (…)Tie between the Stanley and Sloss Furnace RT @amylyday: @amybruni all time fav place to investigate

Quote… @amybruni "Remember, no matter where you go, there you are."

From the GHI team

Videos… @KrisWilliams81 Clip from the Q&A at the Rolling Hills event! Thanks @FactOrFakedFan ! :)

Cold spots… @KrisWilliams81 Monday I will be back in the frozen tundra of New Hampshire. I must suck up all the sun in CA that I can... (…)@barryghi Heading for the coast today with my camera, i hope the rain stops. (…) Ahh sorry for the confusion, its the Irish coastline, jackets and hats are required :)

Someone needs a plumber… @GHIPaul I really dont have much luck when it comes to plumbing, I now have to head to #HomeDepot to get a new kitchen fusset
Play on words… @KrisWilliams81 What a bummer... (…) Sometimes I really know how to make an ass out of myself...(…)RT @December_Dave: @KrisWilliams81 no pun intended? ME: No butts about it... Lexical… @GHIPaul said: SMEG - a futuristic British all-purpose word used as an alternative to swearing for example: What the Smeg, you Smeg head or Smeg off. Derived from the SciFi TV Comedy "Red Dwarf" ALSO Smeg is an Italian brand of Kitchen appliances. Smeg, itself is NOT a swear word but a word used to replace swear words!!  Scott vs. the world… @ScottGHI Okay - I counted TWO Super Bowl ads with Eminem and ZERO with ICP. What is wrong with the world?! @KrisWilliams81 nothing is with the world, just something wrong w/ur taste in music :P @ScottGHI Thanks, Kris! : ( Have to get you into their music. You'll like them...eventually...? @KrisWilliams81 I can promise you, I will never like their Crap lol@GHIPaul Shes right Scott your music leave a LOT to be desired dude..... @ScottGHI Ouch! Such harsh words. That's okay - I'll bring some good ones with me when I see you guys in a few days!!! : )@KrisWilliams81 if that's the case... you will find yourself in a car... alone.... lol

Airport… @KrisWilliams81 Sitting in the Philly airport, one more flight and im home! Not liking the looks of this white $h!t out the window... (…):O the Philly airport is playing @thedoors light my fire!?!?! Every airport should do this ;) *starts dancing*

Wipes… @KrisWilliams81 My dad just called someone who cut him off an "ass wipe" and I can't stop laughing even though he's pissed LOL

Surprise… @KrisWilliams81 You guys ready to see the trouble @barryghi found himself in?!?! He cant seem to post so he asked me too... READY?!? :) @barryghi oh yes im ready, what did the idiot do today :)@barryghi @kriswilliams81 oh wait, its me @kriswilliams81 What did the idiot do today @BarryGHI asks about himself... here goes! LEt him know what u think! I love it!
Beware! @barryghi Filmed in Scotland, watch GHI tonight only on Syfy.....or else we will come knocking :) @KrisWilliams81 Counting tonight, only 2 more new episodes of GHI! Miss them and i'll send a ghost to your house! ;)

Bug… KrisWilliams81 @GHIPaul what exactly is a silly burger? @GHIPaul a silly burger? Or silly bugger!!! @KrisWilliams81 is that what you said!?! I demand subtitles ;)

Modesty… @KrisWilliams81 Apparently @GHIPaul 's mom never taught him the polite way to sit in a dress... ;) (…)@GHIPaul you don't have the same bits to hide, that's why I sat funny!!!

Pictures… @ScottGHI Want to see some GREAT pics from our trip to Scotland? Head to my FB page...!/profile.php?id=100001648036596

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