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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tweets of the Week #5

Here's the newest edition of Tweets of the Week! The TAPS team tweeted quite a few pics of food, Jason did an interview online (see previous post), and Amy, Dave, Adam, & Steve visted a few special locations. On the GHI side of things, Paul Bradford created a photo book, the team faced their fear of needles, and Barry did a bit of singing. Enjoy!

From the TAPS team

Living dangerously… @AdamJBerry She @amybruni saving my life one day at a time with the soccer mom arm save. (…) @amybruni if you didn't wander into traffic I wouldn't have to! @Jchawes I truly thought I was going to die in this video. And I am sure you can hear me saying "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY

Oh, Jason… @Jchawes Getting ready for an interview at 9pm est with Host Deonna Kelli Sayed on tonight. What should I wear? LMAO

Roads… @amybruni Beautiful day in North Carolina! Sun is shining....gonna soak it up before we head back north later this week. (…)Last day in NC. Start a couple day drive tomorrow...heading back to Hoth. I'll miss you sunshine and warm weather! (…)On to the next! Our next destination is a bit of a haul, so we get to spend the night in one of my most favorite cities - Philly!

At work… @amybruni They're so serious!

Hotel life… @amybruni No, kid running on the only working treadmill at this hotel in your pjs and socks - I don't believe you're actually working out. @amybruni Can't believe I forgot my Kindle on this trip. Feeling it on this lazy Sunday...would love to be curled up with a book. @AdamJBerry The dryer at this hotel does not seem to be putting out enough heat... 3 time has to be the charm.
@amybruni Mine took FOREVER the other day. @amybruni Dancing like a crazy person alone in my hotel room definitely takes the place of 45 minutes on the treadmill.

Lost… @amybruni Exploring Fort Bragg with relatives...we're lost. If you see me on base, help me find an exit! ;)

Food… AdamJBerry Eating at Cracker Barrel... Love me some good ol' country fixin's!! Yummy in my belly now feels real good when it's goin' down. @SteveGonsalves1 Save the earth, go brown!  (...)@SteveGonsalves1 Tango and I may or may not be at a Waffle House....  (...)@davetango Breakfast.

Flashbacks… @amybruni I have to use microfiche today and I don't think I've used it since the third grade. Hopefully I don't have elementary school flashbacks. (…)@amybruni Searching through newspapers from 1970. There's a whole section dedicated to "Women in the News" - how progressive!

Amy’s playlist… @amybruni listening to "Kool & the Gang - Jungle Boogie" ♫
(…) listening to "Jamie Lidell - A Little Bit More" ♫  (…) listening to "Simple Minds - Alive and Kicking" ♫  (…) listening to "Bitter:Sweet - The Mating Game" ♫

Useful… @amybruni If I had a luck dragon, I could totally fly home on weekends.

Quote… @SteveGonsalves1 "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." -Dr.Seuss

Teasing… @amybruni We're at the library and @AdamJBerry started singing Reading Rainbow. Should I hit him now or later?(…)@AdamJBerry Mean!! At least i can read!! (…)@amybruni the tv guide!!

Visiting Fort Bragg… @amybruni Just met some very brave soldiers and had an amazing tour at Womack Army Med Center on Fort Bragg!  (...)Touring the operating room. @SteveGonsalves1 @davetango @AdamJBerry and me in scrubs!  

From the GHI team

Needles… @GHI_Susan @KrisWilliams81 loved watching your face turn beet red even before the needles sunk in! Although, i was a big baby about the whole thing. (…)@KrisWilliams81
I turned red and almost passed out and you started whimpering before the needle made it to ur arm, lol. (…)@GHIPaul Oh Man! Am I the only one whose not got them yet? @KrisWilliams81 cause you're smart! The needle is a long as a "poo" stick (as @Barryghi would say) and thicker than your arm! O the pain! Lol @joe_ghi Ouch!...five shots and one prescription later. Getting immunized is a pain on the ARM. @GHIPaul Great! So I cant get my shots til Friday.... so now I have til then to really build up the fear!

Photos… @KrisWilliams81 Pictures from our trip to Holland up!  @ScottGHI Posted some pics from Belgium & Serbia for Wednesday's "GHI" over on my FB page.. : )

Q/A with Kris… @KrisWilliams81 Times up! :) OK! Here's where 2 find the questions I picked, with answers...

Good start… @GHIPaul COFFEE!!!!!! Ok now I'm ready to start today...

Twinkies… @barryghi @KrisWilliams81 Darn it Kris I just remembered after looking at the DVD cover tonight of Zombieland, I left my Twinkies in the backseat in LA :( I never got to try them. @KrisWilliams81 @barryghi I know! They we're yummy... mmmm.... :)

What’s your favorite horror movie?... @ScottGHI Sat down to watch my DVD of the original "Amityville Horror" today. Am I the only one who likes the 2005 remake much better?! (…)Okay...I FINALLY watched a horror movie that has eluded me for nearly 25 years: "Hellraiser" (no...never saw it before). It was awesome. (…)VilaRestal1972 Talking 80s & early 90s horror, I think that "Near Dark" has to rank as one of the best horror films of that decade.

Book… @GHIPaul

Night in L.A… @KrisWilliams81 Hear that people of Vegas! Stay in you homes and lock the doors!! @Zak_Bagans will be running lose causing chaos... Hangin out at The Whiskey in Los Angeles ;)
@mckenziewestmor McKenzie Westmore Great night with @kriswilliams81 & @chrisatkins10  (...)KrisWilliams81 Whip it! Whip it good! @ The Whiskey in LA (…) Being a total dumb ass with Atkins last night at The Whiskey, lol (...)Soooooo bad ass... One of the homes of @TheDoors ... was pretty cool to finally go!

After-sales… @barryghi Are you kidding me APPLE, a iTunes give card purchased in the US is not redeemable in the UK, what brain child thought up this policy GHIPaul ha ha ha... I mean.... Oh no really???

D.J. Scott… @ScottGHI Awesome track from the '80s. Crank this one up and have a GREAT Monday!!! (…) Here's another track for you guys! Happy Monday! : )  

Calendar… @GHIPaul The 2012 Paul Bradford Calender is already in the works......LOL ( Not really)@ScottGHI ...swimsuit edition, no doubt. ;p

Hiking… @KrisWilliams81 More from hike... (…)Atkins practically running while michelle and I am dragging! That's him yelling at us to keep up (…)Michelle at the top of our hike! (…) Hike ;)

Quote… @KrisWilliams81 Being able to speak your mind is priceless. ;)
Technical updates… @GHIPaul Just finished the final modifications to my remote control camera, mow it's all packed up and ready to go

Barry sings… @barryghi Here it is, here it is.....Barry sings video.....ish

Where everybody knows your name… @GHI_Susan Driving thru the desert.. (…) @joe_ghi driving thru the desert on a horse with no name,it felt good to get out of the the desert they can't remember your name (…)@barryghi Unlike the Cheers Bar in Boston where they always know your name :)

Everything happens… @GHIPaul Are you serious, I cant use my washing machine because the pipes are frozen... in Arizona, REALLY??

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