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Thursday, February 25, 2010

TAPS Investigates New Jersey Bar & Grill

The New Jersey Bar & Grill in Mine Hill, New Jersey will soon be featured in an upcoming episode of Ghost Hunters this April, reports the Daily Record. The TAPS team visited the grill in repsonse to the claims of odd shadows and moving objects that have been witnessed by employees. The owner hopes that the team will be able to find some answers to his paranormal questions and if not, at least get some publicity from the TV show. The team spent two days at the location investigating it top to bottom for any signs of paranormal activity. The bar plans to have a party when the episode airs in April.

Jason Hawes, 38, and Grant Wilson, 35, the lead paranormal investigators who spent parts of Monday and Tuesday scouring the building with sensitive audio and visual equipment to capture anything out of the norm. Their investigation will be documented in an episode of "Ghost Hunters" in April, according to Galdieri.

They arrived in several black SUVs, a camera crew in tow along with fellow investigators.

"We're there to separate fact from fiction," he said.

Hawes quickly pointed out that not everything is haunted. A glass moving on its own, for instance, doesn't mean it's haunted. It's paranormal, he said. Now if a ghost is moving the glass — then it's haunted, he said.

Hawes and Wilson said their job is to try to give the home or business owner some peace of mind. They have two goals: to capture any activity deemed paranormal, and to come up with a natural or normal reason for it.

That unexplained bump in the night might be noises made by bad plumbing, for example.

"We're careful with how we present (information)," Wilson said. "We're skeptics ourselves."

They said about 80 percent of their investigations result in natural explanations. The other 20 percent, however, have involved objects moving on their own, bed sheets hovering above the mattress. They investigated the Union County Courthouse in New Jersey and said they encountered a spectral image of a woman wearing a shawl who turned a corner and disappeared into the hall of records.

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