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Saturday, February 13, 2010

TAPS Investigates Cape Cod's Orleans Inn

The Cape Cod Times is reporting that TAPS recently investigated the Orleans Waterfront Inn in Cape Cod, Mass. The 1875 inn is reportedly home to numerous ghosts, among them a bartender, streetwalker, and dishwasher. The SyFy crew arrived at the location in early February and the episode featuring The Orleans Inn is expected to air sometime during the upcoming sixth season of Ghost Hunters, premiering March 3.

ORLEANS — Investigators from the Syfy Channel show "Ghost Hunters" have
checked out reports of ghosts at the 1875 Orleans Inn on Town Cove.

A show about the inn will air sometime in the program's sixth season, which begins March 3, a Syfy spokeswoman said Thursday.

Among the inn's ghosts are Hannah, a streetwalker in the 1920s; Fred, a bartender in the 1950s; and Paul, a dishwasher in the 1970s; along with a few cat ghosts, according to owner Ed Maas' book, "Ghost of the Orleans Inn." Michael Belcher of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce attracted the Syfy Channel's attention to the inn. The chamber's membership director said he is not among the show's viewers but said his wife watches every Wednesday night.

In the first week of this month, a crew of 25 people from the show spent four days at the inn, Maas said.

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  1. We're coming up in June to the Cape for vacation. Hope to see that episode before our visit :-D