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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kris Williams Interviews Orleans Historical Society

Previously, we heard reports that TAPS had filmed an investigation at the Orleans Waterfront Inn in Orleans, Mass. earlier this month. Today, Wicked Local has made a new post that mentions a visit Kris Williams made to interview a member of the Orleans Historial Society to find out more concrete information about the three ghosts that haunt the inn. One lucky teenage fan also got the chance to meet Kris while she was there for the interview.

When Tamsen Cornell’s teenage daughter sat down with her father Sunday to watch a marathon of her favorite show, she did so with a freshly penned autograph from one of the stars.

Cornell, museum director of Orleans Historical Society, doesn’t usually brush up against fame but in the past week two television crews have set up in the society’s museum on River Road.

“It was very exciting,” said Cornell, who is thrilled some of the artifacts in the building will get a wider audience. “We’ll see if it draws any tourists.”

The crew from the Sci-Fi channel’s “Ghost Hunters” did an interview with historian Bonnie Snow at the society last Friday after spending an evening looking for ghosts at the Orleans Inn. Snow wasn’t as star struck as the Cornells when she met Kris Williams, a paranormal researcher from the show.

Since she didn’t know anything about the ghosts, Snow ended up telling the “Ghost Hunter” group numerous nuggets of Orleans history. But, she said with a laugh, she is certain they are going to end up on the cutting room floor.

Cornell said the ghost hunters were looking for more information on the three ghosts said to haunt the inn. There are only first names of the two men and a woman who died there. One, Hannah, was a lady of the night when the inn was used as a brothel in the 1920s. She was murdered in front of the inn.

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