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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dustin Pari Talks Spirit Kids, Writing, Traveling, & More

In a new interview with SciFi and TV Talk, Ghost Hunters International investigator Dustin Pari talks about several of the cases that were featured during the current season of Ghost Hunters International, how the shadow of a child he saw in Argentina affected him, traveling, and his second book that he co-authored with fellow GHI investigator Barry FitzGerald entitled So My Home Is Haunted, Now What?. The full interview can be read here.

“The Silver Shadow investigation is one that became very emotional for me,” he recalls. “I wasn’t expecting it, but the little house and the story of the young child who died there kind of pulled at the heartstrings. Being a father and having children myself, any time there’s a report of an apparition or the spirit of a child being left behind, it’s always something I focus on and see if there is anything I can do to get that spirit to come forward. And more importantly, to urge it to move on from that place.

“As much as I enjoy documenting paranormal activity, I’m not there to leave the place haunted, especially if it’s something like that. When that little shadow kind of stepped out and showed itself, it definitely scared me quite a bit. Again, I wasn’t expecting it and it really startled me. However, I did stay there and try to speak to it further about how to move on.

“The thing is, I look at ghost hunting as more of a spiritual thing, and to have witnessed as well as captured firsthand evidence of some sort of afterlife or spirit world, is especially gratifying for me. Also, on a personal level, to be able to reach out to the spirit of that child hopefully made a difference. I really hope that the little guy found his way out of there.

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