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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

'Military Investigations - Forts, Battleships, and Beyond' Set For May Release

SyFy will also be releasing another Ghost Hunters DVD, 'Forts, Battleships, and Beyond' which features investigations of Fort Mifflin, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the USS Hornet, Race Rock Lighthouse, and other locations. The two disc collection includes deleted scenes and a special message from Jason & Grant to the military, running a total of 218 minutes. The DVD will be released on May 18, 2010 and sell for $14.98.

Join America's first line of defense against the supernatural as Jason and Grant - plumbers by day, ghost hunters by night - lead their team on five hair-raising explorations of America's most haunted military locations. Prepare to be scared
with these 100% real investigations from the spine-tingling TV series: Ft. Mifflin, the historic battlefield where apparitions still linger from America's bloodiest battles; Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the site of a decade-long pattern of escalating paranormal activity; the USS Hornet, an aircraft carrier known as the most haunted ship in the Navy; Race Rock Lighthouse, the US Coast Guard lighthouse featuring one of the TAPS team's most startling adventures; and the National Guard's New Bedford Armory, where the team experiences one of the most terrifying, still-unexplained moments of their entire career!

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