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Friday, January 14, 2011

Tweets of the Week: Dinosaurs, Cold Temperatures, Moustaches, & A Strange Irish Man

It's Friday, so that means that it's time for the second installment of Tweets of The Week! (Check out #1 right here). In this issue you'll find: more dinosaurs, cold temperatures, moustaches, and a strange Irish man in America (you know him as Barry FitzGerald).

From the TAPS team
Roadtrip… @amybruni Goodbye South Dakota! Three day drive ahead of us...first stop, somewhere in Iowa. No really, that's all I know. ;) (…) Our very scenic drive.... (...) Made it! Wow, so beautiful here - but so cold. And man, you Michigan peeps are kick ass fans! :) can't tell you where we are tho, sorry!
At a Higher Elevation… @Jchawes Higher elevation has been killing me this time.Rhode Island is like 300 feet, SD is 4800.makes a difference. Happy to b heading home.
Jurassic TAPS 2… @Jchawes when good Dino's attack...

There's more, so keep reading!
Home… @grantswilson "Home where my thought's escaping, Home where my music's playing, Home where my love lies waiting silently for me." (…)@Jchawes Was supposed to fly to Michigan at 8:45am tomorrow. Looks like that wont happen. Already cancelled kids schools and cancelled all flights. Firewood is ready and I am going to enjoy a day snowed in again with the family. ... LOVING IT! (from Facebook)
Discovery… @Jchawes during some snowblowing fun it appears I found the TRON motorcycle in my yard. Weird huh
Tourist… @AdamJBerry went to mount rushmore today.. its pretty cool. The fog rolled in an cut us short.. which is fine... I would have looked at it forever #wow (…)Wish I had a list of shops and restaurants open on a Sunday that are right around me.. is there a free app for that? LOL (…) According to the press this is the most beautifulest pic I have ever taken... (...)

Fashion… @amybruni I must say, the handlebar mustache is alive and well in Rapid City. (…) Helping one of the crew guys with a college film project...I play a chick wearing old lady curlers. ;)

F-ree-zing… @amybruni -5 degrees.  (...) I’m cold. I feel like we're driving across the arctic tundra. (...) I feel like I'm on the planet Hoth. I'll be very upset if I end up sleeping in a tauntaun tonight. (…)This is a whole new kind of cold where we are. It's actually kind of exciting in a "quick run from the car to the indoors FAST" kinda way.…and warming up @amybruni Rummy and wine with @SteveGonsalves1 @davetango and @AdamJBerry
Tattooed… @amybruni Our producer Mike got the dead mans hand added to his arm while in SD.Fitting!
Duel… @amybruni FYI, I kick @AdamJBerry's ass at Rummy on a nightly basis. ;)@AdamJBerry I was very very close tonight and I just learned how to play YESTERDAY... not to deflate the accomplishment but... ya know.. :-P @amybruni Excuses, excuses! ;)

From the GHI team
The global Ghost Hunter… @KrisWilliams81 The whole clip, lol
Deleted scene… @GHIPaul Bonus Scene from Last Weeks GHI: All New Episode tomorrow 9/8c only on SyFy
Greatness… @ScottGHI Here's just a taste of what greatness (?) awaits you on my YouTube

Diet a la Kris… @KrisWilliams81 Up to my elbows in chocolate... and some how I've found myself 8 lbs lighter... I like this diet. ;)
Blast… @GHIPaul Tune the volume up and BLAST this tune… via Daft Punk seriously rock out this soundtrack. Two very big thumbs up!!
Confessions… @GHIPaul Busy day today, got to get ready for the Rolling Hills Event, and I gotta get to Target to get my Tron Data Discs... I'm such a Geek! @KrisWilliams81 Id have to agree with the geek comment... :) @GHIPaul I can deal with that, self confessed #Geek me..... there's worse
From Another Planet... @KrisWilliams81 After much debate, Barry and I have come to the conclusion that we are both terrified of aliens.

Arch enemies… @KrisWilliams81 Auto correct. You must die.

The Irish man in Salem… @KrisWilliams81 Walking around a strange New England town with an equally as strange guest. ;) (…)Where is this strange man... (...)Lol think reds his color... needs some matching lipstick... (...)Watch out Depp! (...) Oh, wow. LOL (...)This could have come in handy for the trenches of death investigation... (...) Excuse moi, mademoiselle... (...)Barrys makin us irish pie in his screaming irish green
Tshirt & matchin black snow pants... he says its incase the snow gets in the house... (…) 1st we have barry bake us a drunken pie, now we have him shoveling driveway-should we tell him its the neighbors!? (...)@barryghi Knee deep in snow, but the Irish pie is keeping my engine warm :)
Consensus… @ScottGHI "TRON: Legacy" was OUTSTANDING! I absolutely LOVED this movie! Can't say enough good things about it! Do NOT miss this one!!! : ) @GHIPaul finally we agree on a movie!!!!

Would You Rather... @KrisWilliams81 Playing "Would you rather..." game w/Barry, Susan, Britt, Britts wife Holly, Aaron Sagers and his friend Frank... its getting gross... (…)Would you rather... (...)Aaron Explaining why he'd rather press his tongue to a strangers nostril lol
Cracks… @joe_ghi I don't mind looking thru's when the crack looks back that's when things get hairy. ;) @GHIPaul did u really use hairy and crack in the same sentance? @joe_ghi yes Paul I thought it was fitting. :)

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