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Friday, January 7, 2011

Tweets of the Week! - The 1st Edition Ever

If you can't keep up with the team's tweets from Twitter, we have the solution! This post is hopefully one in a weekly series that will highlight and recap the best tweets and messages from both the TAPS and GHI teams over the past week. You'll find funny moments, videos from around the world, dinosaur-riding red heads, and end of the world predictions from your favorite paranormal investigators just a scroll away (and maybe a click or two). This great review was compiled by St├ęphanie, who is the newest addition to the GhostHuntersFans.Net team. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to e-mail them to

From the TAPS team

Greetings… @amybruni Thanks for all the New Years wishes! I hope 2011 is everything you want it to be :) .... @AdamJBerry Happy New Year!! Xoxo  ... @MistaKJ Happy almost New Years everyone! Hope 2010 was all you dreamed of cause 2011 is only what you make it! Be safe!

Comforting thoughts… @grantswilson Happy New Year everyone! Make it count! The world ends in 2012, lol

Takeoff… @amybruni Depart for the first stop on a 7 week filming stint tomorrow...South Dakota  ... @AdamJBerry On the plane! South Dakota here I come!

There's a lot more to see, so click READ MORE for videos, photos, dinosaurs, Denmark, fights, & more!

Brrr...Cold... @amybruni Hmmmm. It sure is 2 degrees outside. @SteveGonsalves1 I'm glad I stopped and got some thermals. @amybruni If there are zombies outside, they're frozen a la World War Z.

On the road again... @amybruni Getting ready for our first investigation of 2011!!!

Mysterious Locations... @jchawes I'm Not telling, but guess where I'm

At work (or maybe not quite)… @amybruni Getting ready for our first investigation of 2011!!! (...) Mt Rushmore with @jchawes and @grantswilson this morning - perfect day for it  (...) I've decided to start traveling by triceratops. (...) Silly vids with J and G today

(thanks to @amybruni for sharing!)

Teasing… @amybruni Back on the road day after tomorrow...gonna be a long 7 week run before I'm home again. Will be great to see the team and crew though :) ... @grantswilson now that you've actually talked to us guys, did you still miss us? ... @amybruni Nah, I'm ready for another break! ;)

Events… @Jchawes Come investigate with me, Grant and Britt @ The Spalding Inn this February.

From the GHI TEAM

A new year… @KrisWilliams81 HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS & GALS!!!!! :D ... @ScottGHI HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! TWEET YOU ALL IN '11!!!!! : ) ... @joe_ghi Happy New Year! Everyone

GHI returns!... @KrisWilliams81 NOW! :) GHI investigates Hamlets Castle! Wooooohooooo!
On a trip with…@KrisWilliams81 Adding some new pictures from our trip to Puerto Rico on my facebook!  (…) Just posted some pictures from Denmark on my Facebook! :)

Quotes... RTed by @britttgriffith muttered by far the best line in the GHI season opener. "Holy Crap! A moat!".

Castles... @britttgriffith The gang infront of Hamlets castle and "Holy Crap a MOAT!" (shortly after this pic Kris pushed me in that moat!)

Nightmares… @KrisWilliams81 Nightmares are a bitch. ... @britttgriffith you dreaming about me again?

Revelations... @barryghi I'm old :) @KrisWilliams81 ok, I'll give you that one ;) cant argue with you there. :P

Ghost Hunter or Secret Ninja? ... @KrisWilliams81 RT @Ghosthunteralex if u, steve, tango & Josh were in a street fight, who would emerge victorious? ME: me of course. Im secretly a ninja.

Fight!... @KrisWilliams81 dork. @britttgriffith who you calling dork, nerd. ... @KrisWilliams81 who you calling a nerd, booger!? ... @britttgriffith Oh, Really, we going to start this late at night huh, dont make me come over there. ... @GHFans @kriswilliams81 you stay out of this, you may get pie in the face!

Playlists… @KrisWilliams81 Here's a Playlist of some of my Favs! Enjoy guys! :)  P.S. It sounds best blasted till your speakers are about to blow out. :) lol ... @ScottGHI Here's my top bands: ICP, Public Enemy, Depeche Mode, The Doors & Linkin Park! : )

Videos from the road... @KrisWilliams81 If you haven't seen them, here's some videos we made in Denmark on our downtime!  ... Our day off in Copenhagen! LOL ... Bumper cars in Denmark... This video makes me feel like im still on them! lol  (…) Barry having fun with fake mustaches at Hamlet's Castle...

Join the team at Rolling Hills… @KrisWilliams81 In 2 wks-Rolling Hills event! Come hunt w/Barry, Joe, Susan, Paul, Britt, Chip Coffey, Bill Murphy & me! Tickets going fast!

A Twitter Q&A w/ Kris Williams… @KrisWilliams81 RT @JordynJealousy: Favorite thing about NH? :) ME: The White Mountains! ;) ... RT @lorizeiler: What has been your favorite foreign location so far? ME: really loved the Ukraine for its old architecture ... RT @Rschrim: Does GHI investigate differently than GH? ME: I would say so, yes. Do things lil diff but just as determined to find the truth. ... RT @cbroomfield77: What r ur thoughts on Ovilus/Spirit Box? ME: not crazy abt either-diff investigators like diff tools ... RT @hwest13: Being world traveler now, what's most bizarre food uve tried? ... ME:Haggis-saw fried brain on a menu-NO THANKS! :) ... RT @MattAkin: @KrisWilliams81 How many new episodes in the new #GHI season? ME: 6 more, then after a break season 3 comes back w/13 more! :) ... RT @allis2024: @KrisWilliams81 How is Elvis & have u seen him lately? ME: Nope. Then again I've been too busy looking for Morrison. ;) ... RT @jamiewoowoo: is there anywhere uve always wantd 2 investigate but haven't yet? ME: catacombs in France! W/visit 2 Jim ;)

Want to follow the TAPS &; GHI teams on Twitter? You can find links to their personal Twitter accounts here for TAPS and here for GHI. You'll find their YouTube channels, Facebook accounts, & more!

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