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Friday, January 28, 2011

Tweets of the Week #4

Here are the Tweets of the Week from your favorite paranormal investigators. This week there's a lot of snow, a few haircuts, zombies, & more!

From the TAPS team
Snowy sceneries… @Jchawes Been slacking on tweets as of late. Sorry all. but when the snow falls fun time calls.(…)My mail person will still deliver right? Another foot or two on the way. Should be OK..LOL.
New Taps member? @Jchawes maddie Is chilling in the backseat of the Taps Yukon. (…)Qik - Hanging out with friends by Jason H
Stowaway…@grantswilson Is he waiting for take off just like us?
Zombies… @amybruni Had awesome zombie dreams last night. I saved my family and friends by putting them on a zombie free cruise ship. It was pretty sweet.
Wish… @MistaKJ RT @nickasaro: @MistaKJ where is ur dream paranormal destination
This time a year, somewhere tropical would be fantastic! Ha!
Warning… @AdamJBerry When you are at a bar.. If you cannot pronounce the liquor you cannot have it... Grand Marnier is not Grand Mariners.. "Here's your budlite"
Trade… @amybruni Hey @KrisWilliams81! (...)@KrisWilliams81O did u get me some!?!?@amybruni did you get me some sunshine and warmth? I'll trade ya! ;)
Zzzzz… @amybruni It's official - I am a napping machine! Shoulda been a cat... @AdamJBerry Day off today ... kind of slow. not doing much of anything. Will have to think of something to do... something other than napping. @amybruni I'm almost there!
Amy’s playlist… @amybruni listening to "Air - Playground Love" (…)This entire album of Hall and Oates covers makes me swoon. <3> (…)Bowie... "It ain't easy to get to heaven when you're goin' down" (…)listening to "Handsome Furs - All We Want Baby is Everything"

Bliss… @davetango Yoo-hoooooooo.... You made my dayyyyy ayyyyyy. You delicious chocolate "drink" you!
Resourcefulness@amybruni Attempt at making napkin into hotel coffee maker filter has failed. Heading to Starbucks now.
Coffee addict? @amybruni Java Joe in Rochester...grinding coffee for me this morning. (...)@amybruni Oh, what I would give for good cherry pie and a damn fine cup of coffee... (and if you get that reference I'll be your best friend.)
Routine… @amybruni ...oh, the little things. I do so love you hotel room with a microwave and refrigerator. Also, residential case tonight - my favorite!
Haircut… @AdamJBerry getting a well deserved haircut today! this shag is getting out of hand in a bad bieber kind of way... gotta fix it. @amybruni Tell me about it. I'm a mess! And the greys! I can see the greys! (I don't mean aliens.) @AdamJBerry tweet #998 @amybruni and I pic after cuts!!
Lecture… @amybruni The History of Ghost Hunting RT @FD454: Lecture on what topic? (…)@briguy700
I unfortunately couldn't make @amybruni's lecture but we chatted briefly beforehand! :)
Comics… @amybruni Awesome! :) RT @hcnoel Peek at the new TaraNormal comic guest starring my pal @amybruni #GhostHunters

From the GHI team
Needles… @ScottGHI I HATE needles! Glad I have get about 1/2 dozen shots today. : (
@KrisWilliams81 @GHIPaul you ready to become a human pin cushion? @GHIPaul
Im genuinely scared sh*tless, Im scared of 3 things: Clowns, Aliens & Needles @barryghi Vaccinations............nooooooooooo, oh a lollipop, ouch (…)I had to get one in each arm, I think the nurse was having a laugh :) @ScottGHI One in each arm?! I had 3 in one arm and 2 in the other... @barryghi ha ha poor Scotty, I wonder how Paul did, he usually passes out (…)@KrisWilliams81 Susan and I are on our way to becoming pin cushions... KrisWilliams81 4 shots are needed for our next run on the road... 4. PUKE (…)Ouch times 4!!! SUSANS TURN!!!
Feedback… @GHI_Susan You know what sux about not having television... Not being able to watch your own show! Still havnt seen it! How was it!? Feedback anyone??? @ScottGHI : It was awesome. Paul sucked, but that's to be expected! ; ) lol
Moving? @KrisWilliams81 My hearts in New England but I belong out west... @hcnoel: Do they have Dunkin Donuts there though? hcnoel: Do they have Dunkin Donuts there though? @KrisWilliams81: no... that's the only sucky part (…)Trying to wake up and get my ass moving! :) Extended my stay in Los Angeles... Have I found my new home? lol
The truth about Joe… @GHIPaul Joe Chin is the only man in the world to own the PSWii360! (…) Joe Chin once bit a Spider, that spider later bit Peter Parker!
Gamers… @KrisWilliams81 Time for some video games w/my big lil bro... why do I have a feeling im going to get my ass kicked? (…)Thinking I should just stick to my DS... :)
GHI DJ’s… @GHIPaul Roxette - Almost Unreal… (…) Check this video out -- Semisonic - Secret Smile… Heres another song Ive not heard in ages that Ive just added to my iPod
@KrisWilliams81 Getting ready to go out! (…)Another good one! :) (…)Another band I LOVE... (…)Another of MANY Danzig songs I love... (…)More Danzig... :) (…)Have so many its hard 2 pick which 1 to post!! lol here's another 1 I love Is Danzig on Twitter?(…)And yet... another song soon I will be out the door and will stop posting! lol ;) (…)And of course I have to give my boys the last word... @TheDoors ;)
The Doors techno war… @barryghi : Oh yes, I've piped The Doors techno into the speaker system if the airport. Ha ha ha opps here comes security @KrisWilliams81: the are goin to arrest you, its a crime to ruin perfect music @barryghi: So it seems, and why they searched there I have no idea, I can't hide an iPhone up there....ouch (to be continued…)
The L.A. escape… @KrisWilliams81 Walking around Hollywood w/Bear @Barryghi (...) Bear trying to get back his lucky charms...
@barryghi So Kris and I are eating a Marshmallow dish and for the life of me I haven idea how she managed to get Marshmallow in her hair ha ha ha ha @KrisWilliams81 Bear getting a lesson on smores... how the hell does someone NOT know what they are? Next up fluff-a-nutters
@KrisWilliams81 stop laughig at me! Its seriously a sticky situation I've found myself in! Har, har..
Similarity… @joe_ghi I just saw the new Mounds commercial and when they first unwrap it, it looks like Mr Hinky!

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