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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Milton School in Illinois Featured on Oct. 6th Episode

The old Milton School in Alton, Illinois will be featured on the October 6th episode of Ghost Hunters. The school, built in 1904, has been a hotbed of activity due to several malevolent murders, according to the local newspaper The Telegraph. Antoinette's Haunted History Tours offers people the opportunity to visit the school themselves. For more information about the tours, visit . A preview of the episode will be posted here (as always) when SyFy puts one online.


  1. This is AWESOME News !!!!!! My husband had an art studio there and had MANY happenings!!! I had a couple of experiences too. The Little girl laughing and a the bad one that is in the boiler room. Can't wait to see this !!!!

  2. This was so exciting! There are so many haunted locations in Alton - glad Ghost Hunters was able to come out!