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Monday, September 20, 2010

Meat Loaf Investigating with TAPS on "One of the Coolest Cases Ever"

Jason Hawes posted a tweet yesterday that revealed that Meat Loaf, who has previously appeared as a guest investigator on Ghost Hunters and has expressed a desire to return to the show, will indeed be appearing in a future episode. Not only that, but Jason mentioned that they are on "one of the coolest cases ever". As of now, it is unsure when the investigation will air on SyFy, but it will probably be included in Season 7, which premieres next year.

Heading to one of the coolest cases ever and guess whose joining us? The one and only Meatloaf...
More Info: Steve has been tweeting from Birmingham, Alabama and even uploaded this photo from their shoot. If Steve is with the TAPS team (no word yet on whether Ghost Hunters Academy has been officially cancelled), it would be safe to assume that the team is with Meat Loaf somewhere in Birmingham. Note that this is just speculation and nothing is certain.
In Birmingham Alabama!! I left the 60's and here its in the 90's... so hot!
Shooting in the Alabama sun...

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