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Monday, September 20, 2010

Kris Talks Tweeting, Traveling, and Her Big Secret has posted a new interview with TAPS' Kris Williams in which she talks about Twitter, traveling, teases about her big secret, and her New England sarcasm.

LM: You've been teasing your followers on Twitter lately about a big secret -- When will you be doing the big reveal?
KW: I don't know yet -- I can't say until I get the go ahead.
LM: There has even been a hashtag created for the secret #KrisBigSecret ...

KW: Yes, it's funny, I've been getting all kinds of crazy guesses.

LM: Which was your favorite?
KW: (laughing) Oh, there was one about starting a new reality show called 'Kris' new BFF' where you would have to learn to shoot, ghost hunt and sing a Doors' song in order to win.
LM: Speaking of the Doors, I hear you'll be joining a Doors tribute band in New York City. How did that come about?
KW: A mutual fan of the Doors tribute band and I got us together. Some of my other interests are that I'm a huge Morrison fan. I'll be doing the one appearance with them and we'll see New York goes.


  1. I'm assuming that her big news is that she'll be a cast member on GHI. Even though that's some old news by now.

  2. Yeah it's pretty obvious by her tweets and who she's been tweeting that she's filming with GHI right now.

  3. Yup. She'll most likely be a full time cast member on GHI. They need another woman on the team.