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Monday, July 19, 2010

Robb Demarest Talks Dustin Pari, Twitter, Martial Arts, & More

Laura Merwin at recently posted an interview with Ghost Hunters International lead investigator Robb Demarest. In the interview Robb discusses Dustin Pari's leaving the show, cancelling his Twitter account, practing martial arts, the revolving cast of GH International, and staying under the radar.

Laura: The cast of GHI has changed radically from the very beginning, from one episode to the next it seems we never know which investigators we’ll be seeing, you seem to be the one constant, what are you doing differently that has kept you coming back each and every episode?

Robb: I know that this has a been a real problem with GHI. The only OG’s (original ghost hunters….or is that OGH?) are Barry and I. Part of the problem is that life on the road for 4-6 weeks at a clip can be tough. That isn’t to say that it isn’t a great opportunity, but I think some people underestimate how grueling it can be. Plus, being away from family and friends takes its toll. It’s a good thing Barry is very resilient and I’m just stubborn.

Laura: The loss of Dustin Pari from the team is quite a shock, are there any other surprises for the new season that you can let us in on?

Robb: Dustin’s departure was tough. I miss the guy on a daily basis. Barry does a great job stepping into that spot. As far as other surprises…Hmmm…Well, Scott Tepperman joins the team. Susan and Karl join us from GHA. A couple more familiar faces leave before the show ends this run, and one returns. Is that cryptic enough for you?

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