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Saturday, July 17, 2010

CapeCast Interviews 'Academy' Winner Adam Berry

CapeCast recently posted a video interview on YouTube with Ghost Hunters Academy winner Adam Berry. Adam talks about his approach towards ghost hunting, the scariest moment from the show, and confirms that he will be joining the TAPS team in the fall. Plus, you can hear some of Adam's musical talent at the start of the show.

Interviewer: So Adam, take us to the scariest moment in your experience with ghosts. Where were you, what did you feel?
Adam: You know, I think on the show the scariest place was the Ohio State Reformatory. I mean that place was huge, it was a prison, it was where they filmed Shawshank. They had thousands of people die and like it was bloody and nasty. I think that we started hearing sounds and different things that we couldn't explain and couldn't pinpoint and couldn't find it was like they were playing a game with us. And they wanted us to like run us around like an amusement park. And I think that was probably the scariest moment.

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