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Thursday, August 25, 2011

'Urgent' Episode Recap

The season premiere of Ghost Hunters picked up exactly where the last episode left off, with Jason and Grant leaving Hawaii and preparing for a case to help a family. The rest of the team stayed behind in Hawaii to analyze the evidence. Amy and Dave, aided by Jason and Grant via video conferencing, presented the evidence that they team found at the Pacific Aviation Museum. The team recorded voices, including two very clear EVPs that sound like yelling in the hangar. The team also caught video evidence of a light that Amy and Adam had seen earlier in the evening.

Back in Rhode Island, Jason and Grant, along with Steve and KJ, headed off to the Reid House to help a family that was fearful of the paranormal activity in their home. Steve and KJ got faint geophone hits on the stairs, indicating that something might be trying to walk down them. Jason and Grant found high EMFs in the "bad" living room (which makes the homeowner's daughter uncomfortable) and more upstairs in the bedrooms. They heard voices and footsteps from the other room and some K2 hits. Steve and KJ encountered random EMF spikes on the stairs and Jason and Grant discovered even more EMF emitting devices in the basement. They conclude that the family needs to have it evaluated by an electrician to (hopefully) stop the "creepy" feelings. Upon evidence review, they do find a female laugh.

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  1. That seems interesting that Video Conferencing has helped so much in the episode. The Voice and video recording has provided very important evidence for the team. Great work done by the team.