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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2 Episode Recaps for 'Touched by the Dead' & 'Search for the She-Wolf'

Episode recaps for the July 27th and August 3rd episodes of Ghost Hunters International.

Touched by the Dead: Ireland (7/27/11)

The team investigates Roe Valley Hospital in Ireland. Barry and Paul attempt to recreate a photo at the bridge and hear movement. Kris and Susan try to communicate with spirits in the women's dorm and hear knocks. Joe and Scott see movement on the cameras while Kris and Susan are investigating. Paul feels something on his hand in the kitchen and Scott feels a hand on his back in the maternity ward. Joe hears a baby crying. Before reviewing evidence. the team attempts to play the bagpipes and experience some Irish culture. Although they couldn't recreate the client's photo, they believe their cameras only caught a reflection in the women's dorm while Kris and Susan were investigating. GHI then boards a boat and heads out to Spike Island. Joe feels something on his wrist and Scott sees a figure in Mitchel Hall. Kris and Barry attempt to attract a banshee and hear hissing in the drill shed. Movement is recorded on camera and several voices are recorded, one saying "come in".

Castle Rising in Norfolk, England. Photo via Google Images

Search for the She-Wolf: England (8/3/11)

The international band of ghost hunters are in Paul's homeland and investigating Castle Rising in Norfolk. They bring their client Norman in during the investigation to learn if he could be the cause of the paranormal activity. Barry and Kris measure temperature drops and see lights when they are in the dungeons with Norman. Paul and Susan attempt to recreate a photo of a ghostly horse on the bridge with mixed results. Joe feels a tap on his shoulder and Scott hears footsteps and faint voices in the Great Hall basement. Barry and Kris attempt to debunk their earlier experiences in the dungeons and Kris feels her hair get pulled (may not be paranormal). Paul, Susan, and Norman hear a growl outside of the White Room during their EVP session. Kris and Barry investigate the claims of doors opening by themselves in the reception room and Scott and Joe find human remains in the dungeons. Scott feels sick and something on his neck. Kris and Barry hear noises and footsteps in the church ruins and Paul and Susan hear fabric moving in the Great Hall basement. The team captures an EVP "go home", video of the lights, and door opening early in the morning.

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