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Friday, August 12, 2011

'Murders & Mysteries: England & New Zealand' Recap

What happened during the August 10th episode of Ghost Hunters International? Find out below!

Castle Rushen in the Isle of Man
Photo Credit: Flickr

Murders and Mysteries: England and New Zealand (8/10/11)

Before arriving at their investigation, the team makes a stop at a "fairy bridge" and offers some gifts as part of the local lore. Their case is Castle Rushen in the Isle of Man which dates back to the 13th century. Barry feels his knee get grabbed and sees a shadow in a window in the Lord's Chamber. Joe and Scott are able to debunk claims of a door opening on its own and hear a faint humming. Susan sees a ball of mist and feels uneasy in the 17th century room. Joe and Scott also hear footsteps in the same area. At the top of castle, Kris and Barry attempt to find the spirit of the "lady in black".The team records several sounds including footsteps and humming. GHI then takes to the skies and flies over to earthquake riddled New Zealand to investigate the Riccarton Racecourse Hotel. Joe and Scott hear noises in the bar and Joe feels something touch his leg. Kris and Barry try provoking the spirit of Donald Fraiser (murdered owner of the hotel) and see if they can find evidence of blood on the floor. Paul and Susan detect natural EMF spikes in the bar and after the case is done, the team stays together in a house. A clear EVP is captured saying 'I don't know'.

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  1. I wish more investigation in UK and Ireland.