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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tweets of the Week #12

The tweets you'll remember, or may choose not to.

From the TAPS team

Souvenirs from Hawaii… @amybruni We're all going to a luau tonight and we made sure to buy the cheesiest aloha wear available. I'm sure there will be many pictures ;) (…)@AdamJBerry Hawaiian style @BenGriessmeyer and I on the bus to the fun!  (...) @amybruni Luau time!  (...)Look at @davetango and @beckalah428!  (...) @AdamJBerry Aloha!! Luau!  (...) @amybruni This is what happens when you're the newest TAPS member!  (...)@amybruni It's a little like a Hawaiian Chippendales. I'm not complaining. ;)  (...) @AdamJBerry More luau fun!! This guy is amazing! (...)Heading back to the hotel for a little karaoke and drinks! What a great night. The moon is indeed full! (…)@amybruni Dinner on the beach...ah, I will miss Hawaii... (…)@AdamJBerry Can you find my mom?  (...) @amybruni Two Hawaiian staples in one can.  (...)@davetango Enjoying my birthday in Hawaii! Thanks for all the birthday wishes! :)

Sweets… @amybruni Is it possible to overdose on these? If so, I'm in trouble.

Contrast… @amybruni Lounging in Hawaii and my roommate sends me this picture of my deck in Cali...  (...)

Encounter… @SteveGonsalves1 The Walking big deal. (…)@amybruni ah! He's my Walking Dead crush! Jealous!

Oops… @AdamJBerry Trama: Just had a real life Angry Birds experience ... The car won... THEY DIDN'T MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!! :-(

Home… @amybruni I wish I could sleep on every flight like the one I just took from Honolulu to LAX. It was like I blinked and we were landing! (…) Found out yesterday I get to spend a few days at home. Haven't been there for a month, can't wait to snuggle my kitties today! (…)@amybruni I miss Hawaii.  (...)@amybruni Hula Mark says this is too much snow and I should go back to Hawaii.

Newbie… @AdamJBerry ALL NEW #ghosthunters in 20 minutes!! Maddie makes her debut... she's just as cute off camera as on... she also likes treats.. and sniffing (…)@amybruni Man, you guys LOVE Maddie! She's great...not only is it nice to have a dog on the investigation, but def improves morale on the road. :)

Bug! @MistaKJ My twitter is flubbed up! Tweets won't tweet?? iPhone and Facebook don't agree! What is the world coming too? Do you read Scotty? Beam me up

Underwear… @amybruni Pretty sure I just saw @davetango's spongebob boxers. (…) @davetango
which ones? Haha. (…) @amybruni Ha, no idea, just saw boxers and assumed they were spongebob!
(…) @davetango either that or robots. (…) @AdamJBerry I will say sponge bob too!

Revelation… @amybruni Ben Hansen likes guns. I can vouch for this. ;) #factorfaked @BenHansen00

Crazy cat lady… @amybruni A conversation with my pirate kitty, Adeline.  (...)And yes, I'm officially a crazy cat lady.

From the GHI team

Back in the UK! @GHI_Susan getting ready for my trip out to Ireland.... hardly a break... must say im excited to be in the UK again! (…)@GHIPaul Just 5 hours before my airport adventures begin again. Didn't I just get home, what the hell? (…)Ireland here I come, laters USA see you in 4 weeks.... (…)@barryghi I'm nearly packed, heading back on the road later today. This next round of filming is going to be great. (…)@ScottGHI Quiet countryside, sheep grazing in the field and a few choice songs blasting from ICP's 'Bizaar' album. Nice! : ) (…) @barryghi Enjoying lunch with GHI in Northern Ireland and it's not raining :) (…) @GHIPaul Spoke to soon dude.. (…)@ScottGHI Had a GREAT day in Ireland. Gorgeous weather, beautiful country. Barry took Joe & I on a tour of the sites. Absolutely amazing. (…)@barryghi The mist is burning off in Northern Ireland and it's going to be a great day. It's our last day here and then heading south to Cork

Idioms… @KrisWilliams81 What a day. Finally get into my room at 1pm, pass out, wake up abt an hr ago 2 find my laptop isnt workin. Thinking it finally shit the bed. (…)I am surprised by the amount of people who dont know what "shit the bed" means..."died" people... stopped working, is useless. (…)RT @HeyThereJennnn LOL So-"My dog shit the bed last night"means my dog died? ME:Well i dont use it w/things that could literally shit the bed

Candles… @barryghi Just back and into my own home. Electric is out but I have the fire blazing, opera in the background and candles on the fireplace :) nice

Parrot… @GHIPaul :@barryghi hey Fitz check it out a parrot pirate...... (…)barryghi :@GHIPaul Seeee this is what I was talking about all along and you thought I was saying pirates :) (…)@GHIPaul your absolutely right sorry for ever doubting

Fashion… @ScottGHI I don't care where in the world we are, a man wearing a bright purple shirt with matching purple shoes just doesn't work. Epic fail.

Hummm… @ScottGHI I wonder if playing the Chemical Brothers' "Setting Sun" loudly on repeat at 2am in the hotel constitutes noise pollution?! : ) (…) I think of my karaokeing as therapy for me - and shock therapy for others.

Insomnia… @KrisWilliams81 Considering i have to be up in 5 hours, i think ill go back to bed... Or continue to just stare at the ceiling... (…)Zero F'ing sleep. This is going to be a fun day in the car. (…)@GHIPaul Woke up at 5am this morning decided I might as well stay up and sleep in the car. We've a 7hr drive ahead of us today... (…)@GHI_Susan I am going to sleep now... hopefully... eventually... maybe...

Thank you… @ScottGHI Been getting LOTS of new followers on Twitter - thanks everyone! Really appreciate the interest & support. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! Pls RT!!!! : )

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