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Friday, March 11, 2011

Tweets of the Week #10

All the tweets you need to read from the past week. Thankfully the TAPS team is safe, despite worries in Hawaii.

From the TAPS team

Departure gate… @AdamJBerry whats everyone doing today? I have tons of things to do today! Packing to leave on another adventure! Leaving my big coats behind! (…) Getting ready for an extremely long flight/day... Already tired... Haha! (…)Another 5 hr flight but at least I am sitting next to @amybruni ... Drinks? I think yes... (…)AdamJBerry Finally arrived! So nice here! Can't wait to get to the hotel and relax... Tropical drink by the beach stat! (…)@amybruni Alooooohaaaaa! (…) @Jchawes Just boarded a 10 hour flight and they have no wifi and or movies? Jeez, do I need to keep a chicken on my lap as well? Uhhg... (…) been checking out some incredible haunts in Hawaii. Hope I can find some down time to see this beautiful island and some of the incredible sites.

Rainbows… @Jchawes  OK, I'm starting to think Hawaii makes these themselves. They are all over the place.

Postcards… @AdamJBerry good morning  (...)@amybruni Aloha and good morning :)  (...)@amybruni Hawaii, lava flows, @joshuagates  (...)@AdamJBerry It's @britttgriffith and @davetango ... The Paranormal Bobbsey Twins!

Friendly birds… @AdamJBerry A bird just waltzed into my room... I should have taken a picture of it!!! Everyone is so laid back here.... Aloha! (…)@amybruni The birds in Hawaii have no shame!

Meeting… @joshuagates Ah, Hawaii. Maybe meet @Jchawes for a papaya body wrap, get a lomi massage with @grantswilson, or hula with @amybruni. (…) amybruni If it gets you in a grass skirt, of *course* we have to hula. I'll need about 12 mai tais first though. ;)

Happy birthday! @amybruni Just so you are aware, it's officially @AdamJBerry's birthday! Happy birthday Adam - lava flows later! (…)@AdamJBerry It's my birthday and this was my gift... Thanks @davetango!! All those years of stage combat came in handy!!  (...)@AdamJBerry I am totally amazed by all of the bday wishes!! Each one is such a special gift! Thank You!! Now... Who's buying drinks? Xoxo (…)@joshuagates Hey @AdamJBerry, it's your birthday. @amybruni and I would like to feed you cake. Now eat it.

Phobia… @amybruni One thing I didn't plan on while being in Hawaii was an emergency dental visit. Know how Steve is with spiders? That's me and dentists.

Blair Witch… @Jchawes Make sure you tune in tonight. We go in without our camera crew. I just hope its not to Blair witch with camera movements.LOL. (…)@grantswilson All New Ghost Hunters tonight! 9pm EST. We go in with cameras strapped to us and no camera crew. So, take your Dramamine, lol.

Facing the unexpected… @grantswilson First time for everything. About to face a tsunami in Hawaii. (…)@Jchawes Of course I would be in Hawaii and in Oahu when a Tsunami is coming. They've evacuated my area. Scary scary night ahead. (…)  as you can see I have rations set aside due to this possible tsunami. .(…)@grantswilson Filming has put us through blizzards, flooding, hurricanes, tornados, fires, explosions and now, tsunamis. Not much left on that list... (…)@amybruni Just waiting guys...huddled around the car radio with @Jchawes @grantswilson and @britttgriffith waiting to hear when/if waves hit. (…) @grantswilson Survived the tsunami. It wasn't as bad as they predicted. All is well. Thank you for the prayers and well wishes! (…) @amybruni Back in my room. Tsunami hasn't been as bad as predicted so far, thank goodness. Safe and snug on the 18th floor though...(…)@AdamJBerry Here is a personal update on behalf of all of us. I had just finished a rice cake :-) thx a billion for your love!

From the GHI team

Experience… @barryghi Another stupid question :) If decending in an elevator and i jump up, can i jump higher than normal :) Only one way to find out :) (…)@AdamJBerry Please don't jump in an elevator... I am scared for you... (…)@barryghi I think @amybruni's phobia of old elevators is rubbing off on me..

Take off… @KrisWilliams81 Tomorrow we will have 14 hours worth of flying... my butt hurts just thinking abt it... (…) On my way to LAX for our next run! Argentina here we come! (…)KrisWilliams81 RT @VnRSnackTime: stand by me or the goonies? ME: love both... Goonies (…)RT @btim49: Does GHI have a privte plane that you all fly on. ME: LOL you are hilarious (…)RT @ckunkelman: what are you reading? ME: The Black Dahlia Files by Donald H. Wolfe (…)Barrys playing some shooting game, I keep bumping his arm to screw him up :) 

Busy…@ ScottGHI Got two conventions, a public event/investigation and several appearances lined up. GHI filming schedule pending, I should be pretty busy...

Wisdom… @barryghi There are people you will miss in your life like a limb, good friends come and go but we gotta keep moving forward (…)@barryghi A construction crew in the south-central Chinese city of Changsha has completed a 15-story hotel in just six days. I DON'T WANT TO STAY HERE

First! @GHIPaul Where is everybody, I was supposed to be the last one here, and now I'm the first.... Am I at the right Hotel??? (…) least I know I'm in the right country..... its funny usually I'm the last one! Well either way right hotel or not I got a bed and a shower!

Torture… @ScottGHI Staying at this hotel is about as enjoyable as staying at Hostel. Not "A" hostel, but the movie "Hostel"...

Into the wild… @ScottGHI One more day to prep for our investigation. Hopefully, it's as good as the ones in Trinidad!!! (…) @barryghi Day 2 in Argentina, I can only wonder what's going to unfold today :) (…)Riding across Argentina in the car with Kris and Susan, man they can talk :) (…) @KrisWilliams81 Holy Humid Argentina!!! Yikes!!! (…)@barryghi Whow, its hot down here. Mr Chin is melting :) (…)@KrisWilliams81 This case is crazy. Hot. Humid. Animals. Insects. Evidence of both everywhere. I think it goes down as one of the grossest cases ever, lol @barryghi Washing your clothes in a sink gives you a clarity of mind, more than vanilla ice cream. Amazing :) (…)The sleeves are ripped off the T Shirt it's going to hit 95F today.

Interview… @KrisWilliams81 CHeck out the interview I did with Stylin Online! :)

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  1. I hope you all are safe and sound since the hurricane hit in Japan and up the oregon coast!