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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Maddie Gets Her Own Bio on SyFy

Maddie, who is set to make her Ghost Hunters debut this Wednesday, now has her own bio on the SyFy website.
The team's newest member, Maddie, is also the their resident canine. TAPS co-founder – and avid dog-lover – Jason Hawes rescued her in 2010 and trained her to become a part of the crew. One-year-old Maddie is part Australian cattle dog and part German shepherd, and when not ghost hunting is a beloved member of the Hawes family.


  1. She's a very pretty dog. And she does a very good job on the show.

  2. More Maddie please. We love the episodes she participates in! : )

  3. Where is Maddie? Why isn't she in more episodes? I <3 her!!!

  4. Maddie!! Maddie!!