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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Steve Gonsalves Feature & Interview in Inked Magazine

The latest issue of Inked Magazine includes several pages (mostly photos) on TAPS tech specialist Steve Gonsalves. In the interview with him, which was conducted aboard the USS Olympia during an investigation, Steve talks about how his interest in the paranormal developed from a young age, his early years of ghost hunting, joining the TAPS team (pre-Ghost Hunters), the difficulty of getting tattoos due to his unpredictable schedule, and much more.
Steve Gonsalves has been obsessed with horror movies and the supernatural since the age of 6, when his mother first showed him The Entity (a movie about a spectral rapist-not exactly kiddie fare). "My mom would cover my eyes: 'You can't watch this part, ' " recalls Gonsalves. "I'd get all angry, and I remember at the end of the movie still thinking it was make-believe because she would tell me that it was just a movie. Then I saw the credits: Based on true events. It was crazy. So that scared me, thinking that stuff could be real, but then it made me want to go and find it, see what it is, and figure it out. Ever since that minute I've been hooked."
Click on the scans below for larger image. Thank you to Twitter user @AuroraAndTuff for scanning their copy of the magazine.

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