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Sunday, December 26, 2010

GHI Episode Filmed at Puerto Rican National Park

The National Park Service Digest is reporting that a recent episode of Ghost Hunters was filmed at Castillo San Cristobal and Castillo San Felipe Del Morro, a national park in San Juan, Puerto Rico. However, it is likely that the article is mistaken and should refer to Ghost Hunters International, considering that Scott Tepperman (of the GHI team) posted the message below on Twitter on December 15th:
Stopped raining in Puerto Rico! doesn't matter. Not going anywhere tonight. Prob just roam the halls of the hotel... ; )
This is one of several tweets from the team that confirms that they (GHI) was in Puerto Rico, not the TAPS team. Visitors to the park have seen strange apparitions and heard unexplained sounds. The episode featuring the national park is expected to air in March.
The filming was done by the crew mostly at dark during the evening. using specialized filming equipment which included infrared and thermal imaging cameras, sensitive audio digital recording devices, electromagnetic field detectors and laser lamps to audio-visually capture the legendary ghosts.
Eric López, the park’s historian, was interviewed by the program producers and shared the best known ghost stories about the fortifications. While the park actually does not claim to have ghost stories, one famous story is that of San Cristóbal’s “Garita del Diablo,” or the “Devil’s sentry box” in English. The Garita del Diablo is a small outpost near the waters edge and isolated from the main fortification of San Cristobal. According to the legend, soldiers sent there on guard duty mysteriously disappeared. It is told the devil devoured their souls and bodies only leaving their uniforms and weapons behind.
Stories of sightings or strange noises have also been told by visitors, such as those who have encountered 18th century dressed soldiers disappearing through the solid walls. Some park employees have also shared hearing unusual sounds and experiencing questionable sightings.
New episodes of Ghost Hunters International return on Wednesday, January 5th.

Image above property of the National Park Service.


  1. My sisters and I were in Puerto Rico in December and were just leaving Del Morro when the crew was walking in!

  2. I'm watching the episode right now.