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Friday, December 24, 2010

Kris & Barry Talk About The New Season of GHI

With the season premiere of Ghost Hunters International airing in the not-too-distant future, Kris Williams & Barry FitzGerald recently did an interview with several journalists. SciFi and TV Talk has posted some of that conversation on their blog, in which Kris & Barry discuss the premiere episode (Hamlet's Castle), the changes to the team, Ouija boards, and the affects spirit can have on modern technology. In the excerpt below, Kris tells us what it was like transferring to the International team.
Kris, what's it been like to transfer from the TAPS [The Atlantic Paranormal Society] team in the US to GHI with Barry?
KW - You know, honestly, I was a little worried about going over just because I wasn’t sure how people would take to me jumping over there from Ghost Hunters. I'd worked with Barry several times and considered him a good friend, so that wasn't scary at all, and I do know a lot of the other team members over there, including Joe Chin, who I'd also worked with before. Again, though, I wasn't sure what peoples' reaction would be, but honestly we all just clicked. I was really surprised by it. We all get along quite well together and we all work really well together. It's funny, too, because we've all noticed that each group is kind of like each other's opposites. We all balance each other out really well, which has been kind of interesting to watch.

The other thing that I liked about going over to GHI with Barry was that he's just been at this for so long that I just felt like it would give me an opportunity to learn something new. I was just looking forward to that, and, of course, to the history. I was looking forward to experiencing different cultures and seeing if the haunts overseas were any different than those in the States. The history is just so wild over there, and every time I start work on a new case I'm learning something different, which I really enjoy.
New episodes of Ghost Hunters International will premiere on January 5, 2011.

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