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Monday, May 10, 2010

Shippen Manor Museum in NJ Gets a Visit from TAPS

NJ.Com published an article today about a college student that volunteered as an intern at the Shippen Manor Museum in Oxford, New Jersey and was involved in the the taping of an episode of Ghost Hunters. Colleen Eastmen got the chance to assist the museum currator during TAPS' visit (presumably during the tour of the museum). According to the article, the episode featuring the location will air later this summer.

Eastman also had the unique experience of assisting Shippen Manor Museum Curator Andy Drysdale, during an episode of Sy Fy’s television show “Ghost Hunters,” which focuses on the paranormal activity at the Shippen Manor Museum. The show is scheduled to air later this summer.


  1. Check out our evidence found at the Shippen Manor. We did a investigation there back in 2008. Search Facebook for New Jersey Paranormal Investigation Team. Click on video tap.

  2. Lived in Oxford during school days from 3rd grade - 8th grade. A boy in my class lived in Shippen Manor at that time. He always told of seeing a Colonial Soldier in the house