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Sunday, May 16, 2010

GHA's Chris Smith is Chasing Wraiths in the South

Ghost Hunters Academy's Chris Smith along with his Tennessee based paranormal group called TN Wraith Chasers (started in November) has been hunting for ghosts in the South. The Jackson Sun caught up with Smith, who spoke about his first paranormal experience, the origin of their group name, and the opinion of the paranormal that is held in the South.

Smith said talking about ghosts is controversial in the South. Even the team on "Ghost Hunters" rarely comes to the South, Smith said.

"We want to branch this out," he said. "With Wraith Chasers, that is why I chose to call it that. We use our graphic design skills to make it look cool and cause people to come and ask questions. We want to say 'Come and look at what we do,' draw them in and have them become more open to it."


  1. Weren't Ben and Chris supposed to be able to come back for Season 2, and 'continue their education'?

  2. That's what we're trying to find out. I can't find anything about Chris and Ben on