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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PSI-FI Interviews GHI's Dustin Pari

Paranormal Studies and Investigation of Oregon Radio recently interviewed Ghost Hunters International's Dustin Pari. In the interview, Dustin dicusses the new season of GHI, his upcoming book set to be published in 2011 (co-authored with Barry FitzGerald), and much more. Read the whole interview on the PSI-FI Radio website.

PSI-FI: If your children wanted to pursue paranormal research, what advice would you give them?


1. Be sure you are in a solid place emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically- with these things in balance you can proceed without much concern.

2. Do it for the right reasons. Reality television isn't what everyone thinks it is. Sure signing autographs at Target is okay, and the look on a child's face when they meet you can be priceless, but if you are thinking of getting into this field to get a show- you are not doing it for the right reasons and in the end you will be discrediting the field more than helping it. Just go on a game show if you need 15 minutes of fame.

3. Wear comfortable shoes- this is pretty much always good advice regardless of what you want to be. Unless your hearts desire is to do something barefoot.

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  1. and don't forget to wear your hat backwards or upside down as this makes you look more intelligent!