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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More Info on 'Chilling Tales'; September 7 Release

Barnes & Noble is now offering Jason and Grant's new tween book, Ghost Hunt: Chilling Tales of the Unknown for pre-order at the price of $11.46 (via their website). The book will be released on September 7, 2010 and is 304 pages long (plus it will have a glow in the dark cover!). Jason and Grant's newest book is a "middle grade collection of spooky paranormal investigations based on REAL ghost hunts". B& has also updated their site with cover art from the book, which features an excerpt from the story on the back cover. In the excerpt, Jen & Lyssa (presumably two teen ghost hunters) are experiecing paranormal activity on a ship.

Jen held up her EMF meter. "It went all the way over ten," she said. "That's a huge jump. It could mean something is here."

Bam. Bam. BAM. BAM. BAM!

The boat slammed into the dock. Only the outside railing kept Lyssa and Jen from falling overboard.Jen shivered. "Maybe we should go back inside. Wait for the wind to die down a bit. What do you think?"

Lyssa opened her mouth to answer, but no sound came out.

As the winds howled around her, she stared straight ahead without blinking...without breathing.

She stared at the hazy figure on the dock...

...and the ghost was staring back at her.

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