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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kris & Amy Talk About the New Season, Horror Movies, & More

In a new interview with The Futon Critic, Amy Bruni & Kris Williams talk about the new season of Ghost Hunters (which premieres tonight), working with the Real Houswives of Atlanta, the role of women in the paranormal field, what actually scares them, and more.

JH: Do you watch any of the paranormal-type horror movies that are out there or would you be too critical of the field to enjoy it?
AB: If it's an old school movie like 'The Shining' or 'The Exorcist' then I'm down but I haven't seen 'Paranormal Activity' or anything like that.

JH: What else are we going to see on this show in the upcoming new episodes?

AB: We went to Philadelphia Zoo, which was a new thing for all of us. The Real Housewives of Atlanta come out and hang out with us in Atlanta.

JH: I want to see that episode! Talk about two very different shows coming together!

AB: It was really interesting, actually. I was definitely like 'Huh?' when they said that but you'll be surprised at what you see.

KW: They were coming in with their high heels and big hair but it actually went really well. They did great.


  1. where are steve and tango? Will they be back?

  2. Steve & Tango were away filming Ghost Hunters Academy when this episode was filmed. The team has said on Twitter that they will be appearing in later episodes this season.