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Monday, June 28, 2010

Karl Pfeiffer Speaks: Hunting For Ghosts Internationally

Karl Pfeiffer, who appeared in the previous season of Ghost Hunters Academy, recently spoke about his short lived stint with Ghost Hunters International and returing to school. Karl Pfeiffer filmed one episode with the International team, which will be featured on the season premiere of Ghost Hunters International in July. Karl is not sure if he will be in any more International episodes, but did say this about the season premiere "it's [the episode] actually a really good case". Karl is still investigating locally in Colorado and plans to continue his work with the paranormal.

After a successful run on the show, Pfeiffer was one of two ghostly graduates to be cast on the third season of Ghost Hunters International, which premiers mid-July. But as the investigator-in-training heads back to school in the fall, he says his run with GHI has been cut short.

"I just did one episode," Pfeiffer says, adding that episode is slated to be the premiere July 14th. "That's what it turned out to be at this point."

Pfeiffer says he's not sure if he'll be cast for any more episodes despite his graduation from Academy, which earned him a coveted spot with the paranormal investigators who hunt down hauntings across the world.

"There's a possibility, but they really haven't told me much at this point," he says. "I'm not really too sure. They've been juggling a lot of different cast members for the show. They're just trying to get their feet on the ground."

Swallowing some of that disappointment, Pfeiffer says the filming for his sole episode in the upcoming season -- at the Halls of Justice in Nottingham, England -- was by far the most interesting.

"I can't tell too much, but it's actually a really good case," he adds. "And I think it's going to be a really good premiere for the show."

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