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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Brett McGinnis Has No Regrets About "Academy"

Recently eliminated Ghost Hunters Academy cadet Brett McGinnis said that he has no regrets regarding his appearance on the show. In the same interview with the Allied News, Brett also said that he wished he had progressed further, but it was still fun. He admitted that he had a head cold during the investigation and that Jason Hawes later told him that he was "a winner already", having been chosen from over a thousand applicants. Brett still maintains a postivie attitude about his experience, saying “I don’t think it will affect my integrity a a ghost hunter... nothing bad, just good can come of it.”.

“I wish I would have progressed a little bit further but as far as what I did, I don’t have any regrets. It was a lot of fun. I would do it again. It was definitely worth it,” said McGinnis of his time on the show.

McGinnis was eliminated mainly because of an error he made during an investigation. He forgot to attach an IR illuminator Ð a device that extends infrared vision Ð to his camera.

Others believe McGinnis was eliminated for a different reason.

“Some of the cadets made it seem like I lost some passion but that’s not true,” said McGinnis, admitting he had a head cold while filming.

“That was kind of wearing on me a little bit.”

Even after the elimination, McGinnis maintained a positive attitude.“Jason Hawes (founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society) told me even after the show that I had been selected over tens of thousands of applicants and that I was a winner already. And then progressing to the third investigation, I felt pretty good,” McGinnis said.

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