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Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Dustin & Barry Interview Mentions GHA Recruits

MediaBlvd Magazine has just posted a new interview with Ghost Hunters International's Dustin Pari & Barry FitzGerald. The interview is similar to the previous Deadbolt interview, but contains new questions and information about when Karl Pfeiffer and Susan Slaughter (GHA recruits) will be joining the GHI team. Also mentioned are funny experiences at the locations and the most compelling evidence the team has found.

Question> The other companion show to your show is Ghost Hunters Academy. And I had watched all six episodes of that. And it looks like two people have graduated from the academy and will be joining you in their investigations. But I didn't know if they’re coming on board the end of this season or next season; do you guys know when?

Dustin> No I was just saying that we haven't filmed with them as of yet. The episodes that are airing currently are the ones we had just finished up while those guys were actually in the academy.

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