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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Deadbolt Interviews Dustin & Barry

The Deadbolt Online recently conducted an interview with Ghost Hunters International team members Dustin Pari & Barry FitzGerald. Barry & Dustin talk about new equipment, scary mannequins, whether prisons or castles are scarier, and more! Don't forget to watch the new episode tonight!

THE DEADBOLT: Barry, how hard or easy is it to spook you?
FITZGERALD: [laughs] My biggest nemesis has to be mannequins. I have to say that those truly frighten the living hell out of me, because I have my mind set on I'm there to do a job, I'm there to look for ghosts, and all of a sudden this
dummy will be leaning against somewhere, maybe where it shouldn't have been
before, and it truly frightens the hell out of me.

In Argentina, in the case that's coming up, that they had the death images that were taken back in Victorian times, where people would be propped up with different things around them and a photograph was taken. So I was in a dark room with my own camera taking photographs of these photographs, because I've never actually seen them before, and the only thing light-wise I had was the auto focus on the camera.

So, as you can imagine, as I turned around there was a small dummy of a child leaning against the wall and I screamed louder than Brandy Green ever could and all of them grabbed their stomachs laughing at me. I get spooked by those
things, I really do.

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