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Monday, November 22, 2010

Get Your Copy of TAPS ParaMagazine Signed by Kris Williams

Ghost Hunters International's newest member, Kris Williams, announced via her blog today that she will be signing 100 copies of the November/December issue of TAPS ParaMagzine (which includes a prominent feature about her) in December. She is offering fans who have a copy of the magazine the opportunity to get their copies signed by sending her their info after December 18th (do not send her anything now). She will then choose 100 e-mails from those sent and those lucky individuals will get their magazines signed and sent back to them.  Make sure to keep visiting her blog ( over the next few weeks to read her latest updates regarding this contest.

I leave for my next run with GHI this Thursday and I will be home Dec 18th. When I get home I will get a temporary PO BOX that a friend of mine will help me keep track of. I figured I would wait till I got back since I know a lot of you have not received the mag yet and in some cases it's not in your stores yet.When I am back I will have those of you with that issue of the Paramag send me your info (do not send until then) and I will pick 100 people out of those emails. Those 100 people will get an email with the PO BOX address to send their issue to. If you want your mag back, it MUST come with a self addressed stamped envelope so that I can return it to you. The only other rule is that I will only sign the Nov/Dec issue, anything else will be sent back unsigned (this is the part my friends keeping track of).

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  1. Very cool.I will have to see if mag is
    here in Ont Canada.Cheers!!!